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    Fredão Oliveira is among the best known artists on the global tattoo scene. A professional since the age of 16, he experimented with a few styles before creating his own. Famous for strong lines and vivid portraits with realistic expressions, his creations made him one of the pioneers in the most authorial branch of the blackwork style.

    A drawing aficionado at heart, he was heavily influenced by comic book artists and was able to hone his talent for creating high-impact images in black and white only, using lots of shadows. The result shows, on the skin, a resemblance to lines on paper or canvas, images that refer to freehand pieces.

    Over the past decade, his tattoos have attracted massive attention and reached far beyond his Brazilian hometown, becoming easily recognizable to people all over the world. With a unique style that inspired countless artists, Fredão’s work is eagerly awaited in some of the biggest cities in Europe, where he works seasonally. He is also one of the partners at Inkonik, a studio in Belo Horizonte where more than twenty Brazilian artists have space to expand their authorial legacy in different tattoo styles.


    Essa arte evoca reflexões sobre a dualidade entre a escuridão e a luz, o desespero e a esperança, capturando a promessa de que, mesmo nos momentos mais sombrios, há uma força divina disposta a chegar em socorro daqueles que clamam por ajuda.
    É uma representação poderosa da fé e da redenção.

    Descrição do papel

  • Nome: Hahnemühle
  • Tipo: Hemp (Cânhamo)
  • Gramatura: 290g
  • Composição: 51% de fibra de cânhamo, 40% de algodão
  • Tamanho: 75×42 cm

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